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9b & Building Compliance Specialists

As one of Australia’s corner stone industries, the Education Sector is a massive contributor to the national economy and is continuously growing and developing to provide better outcomes and experiences for its students and staff.

c2cglobal pty. ltd. has developed alongside the sector and has grown from a quality commercial interior fitout company to be one of Australia’s leading 9b and Building Compliance consulting specialists specifically for the Education sector.

This journey from generalist to specialist has come about because Education Fitouts are far from a simple undertaking. The compliance requirements and certification processes can be overwhelming and potentially add huge additional costs to the project if not approached with a clear understanding of all the critical elements.

Due to the complex nature of Education Fitouts it is important to engage with an organisation that specialises in the sector and who has a unique and deep understanding of the industry and the multiple elements that contribute to the successful delivery of a leading-edge education facility.

This is exactly who c2cglobal is, your specialist client side consultant who will work with you and your team from the concept of the project to the absolute completion, guiding you through the virtual mine field that is the 9b compliance and certification process so you end up with that magical document, your Occupation Certificate (NSW), for class 9b for your new or refurbished campus.

Finding a suitable campus for a new or expanding education institution is a challenging process, even if you have all the information and without it, the risks of making a mistake that seriously effects the future of the organisation is great. Imagine being able to remove that risk and have an organisation with extensive experience specifically in education building compliance and construction working directly with you. Undertaking all the due diligence and work for you while providing you with total control every step of the process.

Knowing, where possible, how to legitimately reduce the approval process for the change of use to help clients save months of the process and allow them to achieve their approval from the regulator and start trading so much faster.

Being able to unlock the under-utilised capacity of college campuses across the Nation and raise the cap on clients CRICOS capacity to help maximise revenue and return on investment that adds huge value to our ideal clients.

For a sector so dominated by compliance and intensive regulatory frameworks, it is troubling that so many existing providers are unaware of their compliance obligations in regard to the building they operate from and consequently are at huge risk. Imagine working with a specialist team that as part of their delivery, can identify any areas of building non-compliance and provide solutions to ensure all the key stakeholders can sleep easy at night without the fear of fines, closures or prosecution.