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Occupancy Uplift Feasibility Study

Our scope of works includes:

– Review the property and carry out a preliminary inspection and BCA audit

– Take Needs Analysis from client to confirm proposed space allocations for  refurbished tenancy including student and staff numbers, classroom sizes, breakout space, labs, etc.

– Review existing egress and identify possible limitations in this area

– Develop strategies to overcome occupancy numbers based on egress limitations

– Review existing amenities and identify possible limitations in this area

– Provide a recommended solution to overcome limitations in the area of amenities

– Review current allowable operating hours as per the existing Development Application

– Recommend possible increase to operation hours to help in revenue uplift

– Highlight any other compliance issues that may impact project outcomes

– Provide solutions and recommendations to allow for the increased occupancy numbers.

– Review Section 149 to confirm ongoing approval process.

– Provide a report of findings based on occupancy review/audit